New type of AI. Apparently.Thread is locked

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21-Mar-2019 12:32:54

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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Assuming this is true and you weren't botting, you should appeal the ban by submitting a ticket to Customer Support. I think there's also a dedicated forum thread somewhere. Nasty situation, but if you really didn't bot, I'm sure it'll be fixed.

Definitely the wrong forum, though.
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Hello there,

Welcome to the forums.

Sarcasm aside, the forums is not the place to express grievance about bans that have been issued to your account. Your other account, posting this same exact message, has been locked for this very same reason. Its understandable to be upset that your account has been banned, however, permanent macro bans are not issued lightly. They are placed once there is absolute certainty that the account broke the macro rule.

If you would like to appeal the ban you can do so by going to Homepage > Account (top right corner) > Account Bans. This is only way to have the ban reviewed. If you have already appealed and was denied, or no appeal option was available, then there is nothing further you can do besides follow the Rules of RuneScape when you start anew.

Please do not remake this thread.

All the best,
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