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Lethalintent said:
AesirWarrior said:
Honestly, I think they messed up the fights in RoTM. Lucien should have fought Azzanadra, and Wahi shoul have fought Zem instead. Tiffy also somehow survives dueling with Hazeel, which is a bit questionable.

Such is the folly of pre sixth age lore.

Things are a lot more concrete now, thankfully

The mahjarrat aren't, or weren't prior to CoM, nearly as untouchable as some sources make them out to be. They're powerful, yes, but other races are perfectly capable of challenging them. Sir Tiffy was able to survive Khazard and Hazeel (with help). Viggora, Lowerniel, and Thammaron were picked by Zamorak rather than a number of other mahjarrat (part of that was trust, but Zemouregal managed to make the cut). Jerrod was able to go toe to toe with Moia's apparition (who were supposedly of equal power to their counterparts) and several wights at the same time. Some of the mahjarrat have additional abilities that they're particularly skilled in (necromancy, shadow realm manipulation, etc.) which make them exceptionally useful, but skilled opponents still pose a challenge in personal combat. Of course, the extent of their capabilities also varies greatly between individuals.
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