Saradomin, Seren, or Armadyl?

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Out of your views regarding the gods, I find Saradomin's to be the only accurate one. (Though not comprehensive.)

To say that Armadyl does not see the consequences of his actions as of the Sixth Age is a bit blind and contradictory. The Bird & The Beast itself was already a sign that there's nothing "inactive" about the renewed Armadyl - nor are his past mistakes repeated. Hell, in moving away from those mistakes, he gets called a hypocrite.

Either way, if you speak to him after Missing, Presumed Death he outlines what he's learned and how he thinks of himself after TB&B. Mainly that he is a hypocrite (in the sense of gunning for the SoJ but probably also in the sense of striking down Bandos) and that if it comes down to it, he has learned to minimize casualties to his followers and is willing to step up - and even sacrifice himself - if things become dire.

Then there's the dialogue from Sliske's Endgame. Both from others and Armadyl himself - the idea that Armadyl is "naive" and "unrecognizing of his own fault" in the Aviansie massacre came from Saradomin's own mouth - and it contradicts Armadyl's own statements.

Now, as far as Seren goes - you imply she has 'cursed' her followers more than once. And even then, the toxic 'gift' of longevity was an accident made possible through self-delusion - poisoned by the curse of undying admiration granted to her.

Frankly, there was no way whatsoever she could have known that specific part of her would curse the Elves into addicts. In fact, she completely believed that the Elves were free in their love of her until the curse took effect.

As for the Mahjarrat, that is one other big and dire slip that does support your claim. Both in preserving Mah and in preserving her Dreams with the Ritual of Enervation when Mah had her earth-shattering tantrums. (Though the Mahjarrat are definitely not worshipers.)

In either case, much like Armadyl, she vows she has learned from both mistakes. We'll see.

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Also, double-post since I ran out of characters and think this is a particularly important point:

Seren isn't "prone to psychosis" or "off her rocker" just because she had a grief-fueled tantrum at the end of Children of Mah.

I say this as someone who has gone through losing loved ones and has sat down and cared for friends who were grieving loved ones.

Fact of the matter is, Seren was grieving - in the middle of being told that she was a monster for all she did trying to keep her 'mother' alive and after ending up being the one to kill her and end her suffering.

Imagine being told to your face that you were twisted for wanting to keep a loved one - that you had a complicated history with, even - alive. And then having it rubbed in your face that you were the one who killed that loved one in the end. Wouldn't you fucking scream?

At the moment of Mah's death, Seren was lashing out and blaming Zaros before Zamorak interrupted with his revelation and began berating her. But if you speak to Seren after the fact, she does take acknowledgement that Mah is dead at her hand, but that it is still not a good thing that Zaros reaped what he did from their mother.

To be honest, and this is a bit of a gripe about the real world, it disgusts me that so many people run their mouths and shit-talk that moment she had, because it is by far one of the most human things that Jagex has ever written for a character.

But of course that's glossed over, because the western world has a hard-on for ignoring grief and the consequences of death. If even full-grown adults can't be assed to face those things with a healthy perspective, why would teenagers and children bother to the same - even when (god forbid) they face those issues growing up?

I digress,
: Seren was grieving, not insane, don't be a dick even if her 'mother' was a monster inimical to the concept of life.

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