What are the Crassians?

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I like this idea, but the issue is that we just don't know enough about Crassians yet. How do Sea Slugs figure into this? Or the Dagganoth? Where in the sea are the crassians from?

There are so many creatures that COULD be related to Xau-Tak, like the Sea Slugs, or the Crassians. Possibly even the Horrors and the Dagganoth. And don't forget the entire menagerie of Sea Monsters that patrol the waters of the Eastern Sea, the Leviathan being foremost among them.

Xau-Tak could be channeled through MANY of these creatures, we just can't know. But back to the Crassians...

All that Beneath Cursed Tides and Shadow Over Ashdale had were indirect references. The Crassians are some undersea villain - that's all we know.
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