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Given that I acquire most of my knowledge of Runescape lore from the Runescape wiki, I am under the impression that despite the myriad of quest dialogue options available throughout the game, a SINGLE "canon storyline" does indeed exist among most pre-Sixth Age quests.

Starting from the Sixth Age however, it seems that players' god faction alignment and several decisions made during quests will now play a role in determining the direction the story heads towards, Sliske's Endgame being an illustrative example. In that case, I wonder how do we lore fans continue keeping track of the "canon storyline". Are we heading in the direction of having "multiple canon storylines" (which sounds a bit like an oxymoron)?
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From the looks of things, I'd say its more likely that everything is going to line up somehow anyway. The choices will just adjust what we see first rather than later.

For example, choosing certain dialogue options in Fate of the Gods leads to Zaros revealing his loyalty aura to you. It's a neat little difference, but doesn't mean much to begin with since during Children of Mah he goes and reveals it to you if you didn't get that information the first time around anyway.

Zaros potentially dying from being stuffed into a Light Simulacrum can be handwaved through any quest where he ends up trying to ascend to Elder Godhood. Maybe an experiment that has no effect on a Dark Simulacrum choice ends up repairing or fending off a Light Simulacrum's consequences, and the story moves forward regardless.

The choices in Dishonor Among Thieves more or less chooses who you blast at the end, and whether or not Nomad gets a stronger attack in Elegy. Same outcomes happen regardless of what you pick (Sliske keeps the Stone, Nomad gets wighted by Sliske anyway regardless if he was spared or not, ect ect)

Sliske's Endgame ends with the Stone being destroyed no matter what. There might be some dialogue changes depending on what happened in future quests, but the main canon remains unaffected. And all of that stuff about Zaros' deals, Saradomin's daughter, Armadyl and Seren going to the elf home planet together to rebuild their races' cultures, and even Death's predictions about the death of the different gods can be explored in later quests regardless if we knew about them from the endgame or not.

So...yeah. That's just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head atm. I'm pretty sure someone else with enough time and willpower to do it can dig up even more examples of why a multiple canon plotline is unrealistic at this point.

But worst case scenario: we use that time traveling key to explain everything :p
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