How many worlds?

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Our plan worked Ascertes.

Anyways I've been meaning to discuss each location on the World Gate we have not accessed, and why we would go there.

Guthix's homeworld, now a broken and destroyed wasteland from it's own God Wars. Is it really how it looks like in Guthix's mind? It does not seems to match up with the descriptions of it in Kaigis Journal and Guthix's memories. Perhaps they are merely broken memories, but the ground may be the same. Maybe the only reason we would go back there is with the Enchanted Key, perhaps we could meet past Guthix, and maybe set off another time paradox since we've done that a couple times.

"But wait, we went there in Lord of Vampyrium!" Yes, we went to the top of it's Castle Drakan and got to see it's landscape, that's it. When asked about returning Vampyrium, the mods said they would definitely try to do so for some Venator (devolved vyres) slayer stuff. Maybe we could get some more lore on vyres too, but like Mount Firewake on Kethsi, nothing quest-related probably due to River of Blood coming soon.

Ever since Making History, we've been wondering where the first humans on Gielinor came from, but in One of a Kind, it was revealed that they came from a plane known as Teragard. Known to be "a cold place, both in temperature and temperament", the world is controlled by seven Magisters from seven ruling families, who channel power from a black hole known as the Schism, which was revealed to be a portal when Robert the Strong entered it. Why would we go there? Perhaps we could go there for a quest involving bringing back Robert the Strong.

Homeworld of Armadyl and the Aviansie, will be visited in Rite of Passage, but due to it being intermediate, we shouldn't be able to use the World Gate for the quest. Perhaps we will access a new area with it?

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New Domina:
The homeworld of the Icyene, known to be a world made up of many islands. The description for it through the World Gate is "A vast ocean speckled with hundreds of small islands. One has a gleaming white tower upon it". This gleaming white tower is likely in Saradomin City, its main city, which is most likely where the World Gate would lead to. This would possibly be for a quest involving Saradomin and Zamorak dealing with their relationship, maybe trying to reconcile, or another battle between the two.

Homeworld of the Demons, this was one of the first worlds created by the Elder Gods in this cycle. Through the World Gate, it is described by the Player as "many twisted planes filled with fire". It is still unclear if Infernus is a series of planets or one planet, as many sources clash with each other. The Avernic demons currently rule this world, after Zamorak helped them take it from the Cthonians, who were ruled by Hostilius the Autocrat. After the battle he was strung between realms in the Abyss, and makes up alot of it. It is likely that the real Abyss is just a black void though. Perhaps we would go to it's capital city, Dis, ruled by Gree'gar Tsutsaroth, an Avernic of the Tsutsaroth tribe. Why though? Maybe a quest involving Zamorak or Hostilius escaping the Abyss, as apparently he survived according to Mod Jack, who also explained that such a creature might not even be able to die.

And finally:

"A world engulfed in flames. It's kind of beautiful." This was originally intended by Mod Rowl*y while designing Fate of the Gods to be the homeworld of the Auspah, which Char is apart of. It was said in the FAQ for the quest that there are other potentials for the realm, such as Zamorak's World, referenced in the Elf quests, which I am pretty sure is just Freneskae or Infernus, or the realm Moia went to with Zamorak.

What do you think?
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Lopendebank3 said:
New world has known to us. Leng the world of the Glacors, with Glacors so enormous that the Glacors we find at Gielinor are ants to them. Likely created by Wen (corpse icethings, sounds like Wen)

Don't dark beast come from the elf world?
Dark Beasts are said to come from a darker dimension, never specified what though. Also Leng is an icy plateau in the Cthulhu Mythos, described as a place where multiple realities converge. I guess you all know what that means...

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