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It's possible that some battles and sieges that occurred during the First God Wars lasted for years, and in some cases, generations before they came to an end.

But I've tended to look at the end of the First God Wars to be the net effect of what happened in real life.
Look at what happened in Europe from the time of 1800 through World War 1 and World War 2.
Wars popped up everywhere, with every fighting for various reasons.
World War 1 and 2, saw a serial escalation in the devastation. (With both, it now became with many parties involved in shifting alliances).

Then you had a triple blow to the world that made everyone realize just how messed up they got.
- most of the leaderships responsible for all of the destruction were removed (In RS the gods were expelled, irl the heads of many nations were arrested or executed)
- the world experienced a singular massive destruction (RS Destruction of Forinthy, irl the introduction of the nuclear bomb)
- a new set of rules/laws were showcased to remind of everyone that there were limits what they should and shouldn't do (RS the edicts of guthix, irl The Nuremberg Trials)

True, it's not like the world stopped seeing wars after that. But now it was "cold wars". Fought via proxies or on a local level, not 'global'.
Why? Everyone realized how much they lost the last time, and were acutely aware of how much devastation they could do this time.
And without the nigh immortal gods to keep stirring up trouble ... problems tended wane over time until something more relevant to that generation cropped up to make everyone want to fight. (It wasn't just Sara vs Zam .. it was now Vampyres trying to invade and we need to stop them).

Sliske admits in one quest that he was just as frustrated as Padomenes.
Where's the big conflict? Where's the wanton destruction?

Well, after several millennia ... everyone calmed down.
Even the most hardcore Bandosians were holding back.

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No one held the sort of edge that would give them a decisive victory.
And the gods were aware that their followers (outside of the most radical) were unlikely to commit this Age as they did long ago.

So this is why you had Zamorak trying to steal the Stone of Jas rather than attempt a full blown invasion to just take it.
This is why the most localized of battles are to recover the Godsword or gain the anima in The Heart. Or were in response to one side actively doing something (Zam was digging up crystallized energy and Sara came to stop him. Everyone banded together to stop Tuska.)

The only real 'war' we had within the '6th Age God Wars' was Armadyl vs Bandos. That was the only fight to bring an entire region into conflict.

All of this said, it's likely that we didn't get the constant warfare you wanted because of technical development that'd need to go into it, and the fact that most of the World Events weren't received too well for one reason or another.
ie: you could only represent one side or the other. WE1 was boring. The events felt like popularity contests. WE3 felt incomplete and abandoned halfway thru.

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Maybe the old Troll War Zone should get a mention, if the Prince had enough of an army to hold off the White Knights, and the White Knights could have gone toe to toe with Armadyl and Bandos own armies, then he has no small or inexperienced force. And it has to have been significant or the breach in the defences should have overrun them in minutes, not end up in a withdrawal by the trolls (which is how I see the end of that content, withdrawal). That would also mean the Troll War Zone had been a massive battle and not a school yard scuffle. Other than the Gnome battlefield, has to have been one of the more significant wars in the twilight of the 5th age. The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
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A Mighty

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Hguoh said:
I suppose you could have jump started a God Wars that way, with Bandos attempting to conquer Asgarnia leading to retaliation from Saradominists (and inevitably Armadylians), only to have Zamorak take swoop in while their armies are elsewhere and take the kingdom with Kinshra and Zamorakian mages.

Perhaps that's what Bandos intended with the start of WE2 prior to Armadyl showing up. Make a big weapon, blast a big chunk out of Falador, and get the ball rolling.

Perhaps that's why Saradomin was not there to protect his city (and eventually Armadyl). By letting some die first, he'd instill a sense of urgency in his remaining followers, making them realize that they wouldn't be left alone anymore if they let the forces of the other be. Humans are the most prolific sapient life on Gielinor and most follow him, so its not like he can't afford to lose some. That's certainly in line with this particular quote of his:

Some must die so all can live. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

:as well as his demonstration with Garlandia. Heck, he could even pass of agency for the event onto Bandos, which reflects how the Temple Knights take care of less tasteful tasks quietly and with less tasteful methods (ex: the blood ritual used to bless the Salve which was then covered up).

On the other hand, Armadyl, being the naive do-gooder he is, immediately jumped in and risked his life to prevent Bandos from utilizing his weapon (hypocritically creating the same threat he sought to prevent), giving Bandos a new target to use his weapon on, still start a war, and gain some points toward receiving the SoJ (another way to start war), while Zamorak sat back waiting for the resulti

Other than the part about Armadyl engaging Bandos to gain points in Sliske's game, I really like this theory.
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A Mighty said:
Other than the part about Armadyl engaging Bandos to gain points in Sliske's game, I really like this theory.

My reason for Armadyl engaging Bandos is that he was naive enough to jump into the fray to save Falador from Bandos. You seem to be mistaking the point where I say that in doing so he gave Bandos a new target that would still stand a good chance of setting off a war and give him (Bandos) points in Sliske's game for doing so.

I honestly don't think Armadyl would have had the forethought to realize that engaging and killing Bandos was gonna net him the advantage in Sliske's game, and would have only realized how the whole thing could make him look like a hypocrite only interested in the SoJ once he'd already gotten into the thick of things.

02-Sep-2017 02:57:34

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I returned to Runescape when Tuska event was going on and everything seemed so grand. New quests with big themes, previous world events, I got really hyped.

Then, no more events, no epic wars. Duh.

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To be fair, I'm not sure the status quo really can be shaken up too much without forcibly changing the mood and tone of Runescape or necessitating a separate "antebellum" version of the world. To do so would be to drop new players into the hell that is war instead of a world of adventure that is actually quite peaceful in the civilized portions. Oh, and create a tonal roller coaster if pre-God War II quests are still accessible.

The only post MUD/textgame MMOs I ever personally played where storyline shifts could drastically affect the shape of the world and gameplay were Mabinogi and SMT: IMAGINE. Mabinogi ( and only to a small degree at that) because some storyline content was time limited. The world moved on afterwards and that content was no longer available to new players. SMT: IMAGINE because most of the changes made were instanced by player and the most drastic were only available at the end of the plot.

All others either allow events to change the world, but only slightly (Runescape) or change the world in name only along the planned script of the story (FF14, SWtOR).

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