The Player's Humanity

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Devil Vein said:
Good stuff, and it has long been hinted that the PC isn't human or at least not a normal human. I have no concrete evidence of exactly what the PC is but if I had to guess Xau plays a big part in it. All the prophecies tend to point to this. Even the stone tablets "All consuming darkness will rise from the sea" many think this is the dagganoth but it could also be seen as Xau-tak. My guess is that the PC and Xau are opposite sides of the same coin. Either the both exist or neither exists. Funny how despite many deaths, the PC keeps coming back...

What if Xau-Tak is actually an ascended, evil version of the PC from another reality? We know for fact that the different realities exist, with Dimensions of Disaster and the Damned.

30-Apr-2018 18:50:04

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