Dragonkin Altar - Eddy Dungeon

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The Wiki says there are no known uses for the alter. Has anyone looked further into this?

The altar reads:
"The same symbol has been etched into the altar over and over again, as if its owner was bored or distracted. It looks like the letter K."

The examine reads:
"An altar depicting the Dragonkin. It doesn't look like it was used for worship."

So... what was it/is it used for?

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If I recall, it's been said somewhere that most of the Resource Dungeons we find throughout Gielinor were once Dragonkin hideaways, laboratories, meeting sites, etc.

My honest guess is that this is an abandoned lab of a certain Dragonkin scientist we know whose name starts with the letter K, hence the symbol (Dragonkin language probably).
If the altar wasn't used for worship, then perhaps it was more likely an altar used for sacrifice or perhaps for his experiments. I wouldn't be surprised if the Edimmu turn out to actually be another one of Kerapac's failed experiments of some kind.
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