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Hey guys,

This Friday mods Rowley, Stu, Jack, Chaose and myself will be on livestream discussing everyone's favourite topic, Lore and Story. However, we're currently trying not to answer lore specifics or spoil specific story moments, i.e no we won't tell you where the Staff of Armadyl is. No we won't tell you how the Elder God's are going to be appeased or not appeased. No we won't tell you how all the gods ascended.

Instead, we'd like you to think about more general discussion points, things that might explain how we come to story decisions, or that give you an insight into what could have been.

So we'd like your topics.

Good Topics

* What if's - Take an event from RuneScape's past and ask us what would have happened if it played out differently. I.e what if Bandos had won world event two? What if Tuska had smashed into the planet? What if Guthix never evicted the gods with the edicts in the first place?
* How do you... - How do we decide what quests to do? How do we decide which characters to use? Questions to understand how our minds work and how we tell stories.
* If you could.... - Questions that get to know how we operate as writers. What stories that we can't tell would we tell? What would happen if we had complete free reign of the narrative.
* Why did you... - Sometimes it's interesting to know why a particular plot point was chosen. Why did we decide to kill a character? Why did we choose Sliske for a major villain? However see the caveat in the section below.

Note how all of the above don't spoil the existing story.

Bad Topics

* What is the future of... - Questions asking about spoilers for upcoming content. We won't be answering these.
* Back in X quest Y says Z but then later A says B, doesn't this conflict with.... - Questions about specific lore questions, based on story hooks from past content aren't great. They're either too obscure and won't be terribly interesting to discuss, or they're something we're planning on resolving in future, in which case they're a spoiler.
* I hated X in Y quest why did you... - Unless we can invent time travel, these sorts of questions aren't really satisfying for anyone to answer and the answer given rarely satisfies the asker. Also note if anyone one of us had access to time travel we would all be living in some nightmare distopia with us as the god kinds of everything. Yes, even Stu.

So with these guidelines please post your questions in this thread. We'll collate a few of them and ask them at the stream.

= Raven =

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Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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Reminder guys:

We are looking for
and not specific questions.

We will not be giving out spoilers, because our new policy is for lore to be discovered in the game rather than in these outside sources. Please see the first post for a rough guide to what topics are good and what are not.

We will not be using specific questions.


= Raven =

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