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RS3 has developed over a decade beyond the point OSRS was at. There are many completed questlines in RS3 that remain unfinished in OSRS. Most notably OSRS has not had the gods return, had Priffdinas restored, or had Lucien seek the Stone of Jas. It is very much its own world/timeline, but backstory wise there seems to be some level of consitency between the two brands, as OSRS acknowleges a few RS3 developments in Dragon Slayer 2 like Kethsi, Elder Artifacts and Illujanka.

Beyond that OSRS has also added elements of its own, like Fossil Island and the continent of Zeah. Much of their current lore developments focus on fleshing out these areas. Fossil Island was once home Dragonkin laboratories, while from what I've gathered the kingdom(s?) on Zeah were founded by refugees from the God Wars or Dragonkin conflicts.
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