What Ifs #1: WE1 Zamorak Wins

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Hguoh said:
Talonstalker said:
Aside from dialogue and all, nothing much aside from DAT.

I do wonder how COM would be if a T3 Zammy clashes with Zaros, or a T2 Zimzam.

Thinking about it right now; what would have happend if WE1 ended with a draw? Both god's losing their power and both being T5? Or all T3? Same with WE2 if it was a draw.

Zammy was t3 in CoM. Because of his temporary acquisition of the SoJ in DAT, Zammy had been restored to his t3 status.

He had been restored to his T4 status, unless you're referring to this hypothetical timeline. Canonically Zamorak was T4 during BoL, dropped to (high) T5, then regained his power and rose to T4 again in DaT. In CoM it's unclear whetehr he really benefitted from the ritual, but he was without a doubt T4 when he faced Zaros.
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