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It is clear to me when looking over the Lore that Saradomin has one truly loyal follower. One follower that has used every advantage given to him to give the world of Gielinor over to Saradomin. One follower that claims to hate him yet results betray his word. The most loyal Saradominist is obviously...Zamorak!

When Saradomin was having trouble defeating Zaros' Empire, Zamorak infiltrated it from the inside. He attacked Zaros and forced him to spend a long time reforming, thereby leaving Saradomin a chance to actually take over.

Once Zammy had defeated Zaros did he press his advantage and take over Gielinor? Nope, he took many of his most powerful followers to Infernus, so they'd be out of the way when Saradomin fought the Zarosian remnants for land.

Zamorak gathered all the ne'er-do-wells to him, so that he could make sure all their planning was against Saradomin's rivals as well, like the Zarosian Remnants. He put relatively useless people in charge of his forces to keep them hobbled, as can be seen by the fact that most of his upper ranks have been defeated by mere humans, or fought to a standstill by gnomes.

What about the destruction of Forinthry you might ask, didn't Saradomin try to get the Stone of Jas from him? It would appear like he did, but this was clearly a plot to lure and destroy the Aviansie by Zamorak andSaradomin. Zamorak would be blamed and Saradomin could maintain his claim of being the good guy.

It also awoke Guthix, allowing all the Gods to be removed. Zamorak having used his power to kill off most Zarosians, Armadylians, and Zamorakians. This moratorium on God involvement allowed the large number of remaining Saradominists to flourish.

When Guthix died and players were allowed back in, it was clear that Sara needed an advantage, so Zammy "fought" Saradomin in a fake battle to keep other Gods away, and handed Sara a bit of his own power to boost Saradomin to Tier 3.

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Helring said:
Solanumtinkr said:
A double act to polarise the population under just 2 gods?

Under one God, Zamorak acts only to further Saradomin's goals. Zammy is a faithful servant.

I'm inclined to agree with Sol here. This is completely dumb. Yes in a round about way some of Zamorak's actions have helped Saradomin, but then how would that explain BoL or the invasion of the hallow lands never mind how Saradomin has basically screwed Zamorak every time they meet. Saradomin is still as demanding and pushy as ever never mind Zamorak grew wings just to taunt Saradomin.

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Why is everyone interested in Zamorak and Saradomin all of a sudden? Did some new quest come out while I have been away?


Yes Zamorak is a closet Saradominist, as is anyone who isn't Saradominist.

But in truth if it wasn't for Zamorak and his followers being chaotic and the like you'd wonder if people would actually have need of Saradomin. Saradomin wouldn't have much of a huge following if there was nothing his people needed to be protected from.
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Ah yes, the ol' Mahjarrat Switcheroo.

I wonder how many other Mahjarrat are also Saradominist. Perhaps they all are, and the whole Zarosian Mahjarrat vs. Zamorakian Mahjarrat is a ploy...

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