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Hi Lore Hounds,

The Big High War God has fallen and the Bandosian chiefs have grouped to name a new leader... but what is next?

What is next? Is the new champion of Bandos out for blood? Are they trying to regroup and reunite all the Bandosians? What do you all think?


I like to think that
The player chose to kill Zanik and General Graardor took the reins as the leader of the Bandosians
and that they are all regrouping the remaining strength in order to strike out at the smug flying rodant and his followers.

Please comment below on what you think will happen, post-mighty fall quest, and what you would like to happen.

Happy Hunting!

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If you don't kill Zanik, she later dies on Yu'Biusk. This allows her to appear in Nomad's Elegy regardless of your choice.

Regardless of whether you chose to kill Zanik or not, Graardor took command of the Bandosians remaining on Gielinor. However, his main goal at the moment is to acquire the God Sword so as to actually be able to stand on a semi-even footing with the other factions in the absence of a patron god.

So really, all your choice does is either leave all Bandosians under Graardor's or take some chunk of them away to Yu'biusk to attempt to recolonize (perhaps they all die, perhaps they returned to Gielinor when Zanik died).

Any way you slice it, however, the Bandosians aren't in a good position to do much of anything until they obtain their equalizing factor.

14-Dec-2017 21:32:28

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Another thing to note is that according to wiki, had Bandos survived and came to the Endgame, his pact with Zaros would have been to get Zanik to return in exchange for the Catalyst. Ergo, Zanik was the key candidate to be the leader of the Bandosians. Whether another Bandosian will take up the mantle as a commander in their own right (I personally am interested in seeing an upcoming ogre shaman having a go), ascend to godhood on their own and spread Bandos' old message, or if the tribes go their own way, I can't really say for sure. But what I know is that the Bandosians are very fragmented right now. Prepare for hell on RuneScape in Naval Cataclysm!

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The faction is done. Jagex had said for years that they had no plans for the faction till recently, when they mentioned the idea floating around to do something with it, but with their track record, they won't do anything.

If you watched the lore stream the other day, they've pretty much said they fucked Bandos up and it was a mistake killing him. Also the whole SoJ for Zanik thing they've put forward as a what if is retarded since as we saw in DoD that with the godsword her and Garrador couldn't even beat DoD Nex.
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I think I remember you from WE2.
Anyway, the bandosians were unbelievably smug and overconfident even while they were losing, and for some reason couldn't believe it when they actually lost. Not sure your faction can take another world event loss.
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