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Elf of Seren said:
*Basically, this was a complaint thread, because there is no logical reason for us to be there in the current lore, because Mod Stu says it being our home has been essentially retconned, and I was hoping for some sort of clarification in some way.

No logical explanation? It's not the best hook for new players, that's for sure, but it's not hard to come up with a backstory for simply standing in front of a house. Every tutorial's just dropped you in front of somewhere, this one's just more restrictive. Why were you in the Burthorpe Warzone? Why were you on Tutorial Island? In some cellar with a knight? You've always had to make up your own story.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

22-Feb-2018 00:23:50

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