Renmark's Corruption.

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Hguoh said:
I simply don't see the wand causing corruption as anything other than a skewing of the wand's functions by even the slightest faults in the caster's virtue (both reanimate the person, one just properly brings the soul back).

Agreed. Probably has something to do with light energy vs dark energy forms of anima - the dark side of the spectrum creates tendencies towards corruption and viciousness (said somewhere in the January lore corner regarding dark planes), so someone without a highly light-aligned soul would probably corrupt any magic that tampers with the sensitive nature of life and souls. Or something.
Ofc the main problem that might arise from that hypothesis is that it would imply Seren could probably use the wand without problem, but then again even the divine aspect of light energy has darkness in her, so I dunno. It's the only explanation I can think of regarding the relation between "virtue" and soul-related magic. I recently prodded Stu on Twitter about the nature of holy magic and junk, and he says it's an avenue that could lead to character conflict and story and stuff, so I'm guessing he already has ideas for all of this, and we'll have to wait and see.
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