Amascut trapped in Neite body

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I havent played RS for years, but I keep thinking of Niete (Amascut's head priestess)-- do you think Itchlarin may have lured Amascut to devouring her head priestesses' soul, and instead tricked and trapped her into Niete's body?
A theory of mine is Itchlarin's planned to give Niete eternal life as a corporeal being and, in spite, Amascut turned Niete and other priestesses into a cats.

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Not..actually a bad idea.

I mean nothing suggests this, we've had no confirmation or hints to point us in the direction but it's a pretty good theory.
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I'm not sure if I follow. Amascut was trapped in Neite's body and then proceeded to turn that body into a cat? While she was still in it?

Ancient Drew is right, Amascut is Summona. Supposedly she was cursed to never take a permanent mortal form, but that's almost certainly retconned judging by Menaphos and 6th age god lore.
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