The Sanguinesti Affliction

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Thought that I would return to the lorums with a giant new theory that actually might hold weight this time, and was the original intention too!

So, the Affliction in Mort'ton was one of those mysteries in the Morytania plotline that was left open-ended and never properly addressed. I intend to improve upon an old theory from years past.

To quickly recap the old theory: The Sanguinesti Affliction page on the wiki has a picture of waste pipes in Meiyerditch leaking a greenish liquid of a similar shade to Daeyalt ore, rocks that were infused with energy from the Stone of Jas. In real life, mixing chemicals can cause gases to form, which may have been how the mist, which was said to come from the Sanguinesti region, afflicted Mort'ton. But why would the gas do what it did anyways?

In DaT it is explained by Sliske that using the Stone of Jas is like using a drug in that it leads to addiction. Same with the effects of the affliction, addiction can lead to depression, and eventually hostility and violence. Furthermore, human-born vampyres, created through the daeyalt ore, seem to be very hostile with little reason, different than the true-blooded ones.

Things To Consider:
-Serum 207 (temporarily cures the afflicted) is created through tarromin, a herb used in the strength potion process. Is tarromin a herb useful for not just physical strength, but mental strength?
-Similarly, harralander is used in the restore potion, as well as the guthix balance potion, the latter of which frees the souls of the vampyrised humans.
-Tytn left notes on the rest of the Myreque series, and was the developer of quests featuring the Stone of Jas, could he have had notes on that too for later?
-The feral vampyres are located outside the Sanguinesti region, where the mist came from, could the mist have amplified their addiction to blood?

TL;DR Energy from SoJ is a drug nobody can get enough of, leading to an addiction that progressively gets worse and worse.

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Rainycorn said:
ts;dr (too short did read) But if they're addicted, do they try to get more to satisfy their addiction? Are the miners addicted?

That isnt the case in game when you talk to them, it seems only the waste from the refining process caused that. The refined daeyalt can be seen as a drug through its ability to calm Safalaan down and be used to cure vampyrism permanently, but only when mixed with Ivandis' serum and Icyene blood.

I imagine the mist was created with liquid waste screwing the effects of the refined daeyalt up, or maybe refined daeyalt as a gas by itself is dangerous, with no potion ingredients to make it safe for use.
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Deltaslug said:
Part of the problem is the assumption of when the Mists started and when the Vyres started mining/processing the Daeyalt Ore.

The first recorded cases were Year 23 of the 5th Age. It's possible there were isolated events months or even years before that. (ie: 1 person living way on the edge of town, gets sick and dies instead of becoming "afflicted", or 1 person gets sick first, their condition is unknown, they the townsfolk think they went insane and kills them, it isn't until much later that other people start to get the affliction)
It could have taken years (or decades) of mining, refining, and experiments to produce the gas, which could put it some point into the 4th Age.

Again, that's to assume the gas is related to the Daeyalt Ore in the first place.

The town is located close to the Barrows and the Haunted Mine.
Who knows what experiments Sliske could have been cooking up for years.
We don't know what the effects of the magics of the Barrows Brothers armors can do after more than a century or 2.
Who knows what other effects the blessings of the River Salve could have had on other minerals in the Mine (not just the creation of Salve Amulets)
There is the ancient temple structure deep in the Haunted Mine. Who knows what was buried in that.
First recorded case is never given a date, but I find it unlikely the town could have been afflicted for more than a year, or even a month, and survive. Can they eat, breed, survive the shades that keep killing them?

I will say you brought up a good point though, if the daeyalt stuff has been going on for centuries, why hasn't the affliction happened sooner? Personally I'm unsure myself, though it must have something to do with any important events that happened in year 169 before the Myreque series. Drakans blood portal experimenting for example?

Currently I'm in the process of trying to decipher the names of the shades and ramblings of Herbi Flax.
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