NPC riot?

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I think I should point out that there are ALOT of Zamorakians in and around Kandarin. This is where Khazard martial his forces as well the ZMI calls the region home. No other religion has nearly the hand hold the Zamorakians have there. Despite the Saradominists controlling the seat of power I think even they see how slight they hold on to it by. Also Hazeel was one of the few Mahjarrat who actually cared about those out of the lap of luxury while in the empire. While we don't know anything about time as ruler of Kandarin (he probably over threw the Serenists controlling the area) I can't see Hazeel actively impoverishing his people.

Other than that, general rules apply for riots. If Misthalin imposes a trade tax all the traders riot, if people realize the king of Asgarnia is dead there will be a riot, if Feldip runs out of rock cakes there will be a riot until the ogers forget what rock cakes are, Tirannwn had a very ling riot that turned into a civil war but things seem to be somewhat stable now (we'll see if brax shakes things up).

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