NPC riot?

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Ancient Drew said:
Sepulchre said:
Ancient Drew said:
Sepulchre said:
Saradominists riot in anywhere that is dedicated to any other god.
Zamorakians as well. It's literally part of their chaos philosophy roots.
There are way more Saradominists on Gielinor than Zamorakians.
What about Bandosians? You see them every day ever since starting off in Lumbridge or Burthorpe, and they're everywhere (although few are humans). They riot for fun.
They have neither the resources or mental capacity to do anything else without Bandos.
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26-May-2016 08:00:53

Lego Miester

Lego Miester

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Nature Rosa said:
Can anyone name anything most, if not all npcs in a select area, would riot to?

Falador: Anything.

Relleka: Out of mead.

Varrock: The Grand Exchange workers are taking their 10 minute yearly break and the economy grinds to a halt.

Prifddinas: Humans trying to crystal sing fail so catastrophically the crystal spires holding up the city collapse.

Falador Cabbage Patch: Not enough supercompost.
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26-May-2016 22:25:28

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