Theory of Runecrafting Altars

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Well, in Hero's Welcome it's confirmed that V built atleast SOME of the rune crafting altars.

Here are some quotes from the quest:

Peer the Seer: "V did teach people how to make runes and built
some of the altars
that we later destroyed. However he was, in the beginning, interested only in simple magic's to aid our people. "

Freya Lune (a Moonclan mage): "That makes sense. V is the patron of the Moon Clan and one of our greatest heroes. He discovered the art of binding energy into rune stones, constructed the Astral altar and taught us many spells. There are some scholars who think he may have made all the altars, but I am not one of them. It's just sad that the Fremennik could not accept this. "

Alfrick the Planner:"V is one of the greatest heroes the Fremennik have ever produced! He did set up some of the rune altars and teach the Moon Clan some tricks..."

So we can say that he built some of the altars such as the air, water, and earth one (simple runes for simple spells as said in the first quote I listed). But he may have not built the more advanced altars like the blood and death. Maybe the makers of the Ancient Magicks spellbook made those altars?

Some of his fellow Fremmeniks that he built them all. But some say he did not ( one that agreed with this statement came from a fellow lunar mage.)
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