Guthix's ressurection ?

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I think most people feel this way because they liked the idea of a true Neutral god in
, whos death was a necessity and he himself accepted, his death was also handled magnificently with all the content and back story on him.

could have been done and handled better instead of easily just being killed off, becoming a god of combat and strategy instead of brute who kills for sport, I have a whole concept for how WE2 I think should have played out if Bandos lost, humbling him and seeing mercy the first time in his life giving him great character development.

could have been handled much better as well, he discovered runecrafting and was basically the World Guardian as a god, being a hero god, could he really not have averted Tarshak somehow and became humanitys force against the gods and even standing in place of some of the ideals of Guthix. He could have fooled the Dragonkin so easily and outsmarted them for certain.

I do understand wanting to bring these Gods back but with Guthix's demise, everything was done perfectly with him. I just wish the other two could have been done the same way.
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