Baxtorian will Betray us

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I'm not entirely sure.

Don't get me wrong, the guy was:
- "asleep" for an age
- wakes up to find the clan that betrayed the elves kinda sorta forgiven, and the clan leader dead (along with several other traitors)
- wake up to find yet another world war is raging on
- oh, btw, Seren's back and Priff rebuilt
This is A LOT to take in. The guy does have a sense of duty to protect his people (with the whole 2nd God Wars going on) and he has the magical powers to to do it (read on about how he can do wondrous things with his magic ... and declines to share them with the player. Face it, we all wanted to learn those spells ... )

So, yes, his psyche would cling on to any and all chances to revive his love.
He's probably quietly searched thru the Priff Library archives on the matter, and seen what the other races have come up with since he awoke.
If something exists, yes, he'll go after the method.

With Sliske's Endgame, I wonder if now Baxtorian would consider the far simpler approach to rejoining his wife ... death. Heroic suicide to be more specific.
Somewhere in Gilienor is a threat ... something big enough that the rest of the elves are not powerful enough or skilled enough to take down, yet he has the power to deal with. He'll even bring the World Guardian along to maintain appearances (whole host of excuses he could give for using you instead of risking the lives of elves).
Now, Baxotrian can die having killed 3 kebbits with 1 chinchompa:
- removed a threat
- a death with a sense of purpose so the elves wouldn't think it a senseless sacrifice and continue to use him as a model (A few might suspect why he did it, but keep quiet)
- get to finally meet up again with Glarial

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