Armadylean regions?

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There's not really any armadylean lands. I can't imagine he originally had a lot of human followers apart from the Guardians tbh. If there's one area that could house a significant Armadylean population it'd most likely be in Kandarin, but that still doesn't make it Armadylean land considering the King's religion.

Really I think the main reason Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix were the most worshipped gods post- God Wars was because they were the gods primarily worshipped by humans. We were pretty much the only ones left, like cockroaches after an apocalypse. There wasn't anyone to pass on stories of other gods, since most of their worshippers were dead, gone, stupid (*ahem* Bandosians *ahem*) or just generally avoided. And then dominance in the 5th age further strengthened belief in this trinity.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
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