Frem/Viking Roleplay.

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I’m thinking of doing a sort of Viking roleplay in the game and I wanted to get people’s two cents - what should I focus on as being a Frem/Viking? What armor, weapons, skills, etc. would be the match for such a roleplay?

Thank you for your help!

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Wielding an axe or crossbow never hurts. Also try to wear something furry or leathery along with a medium or spiky helmet, or an animal head. Kebbit or kyatt clothing should be good, even if such clothes are mixed with leather.

Vikings and Fremenniks strike me somewhat as barbarian types, or heroes/pirates exploring the world and facing dangers wherever they go. Factions will primarily be Guthix, Godless or V, but any other god a human might follow otherwise will suffice.
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I'm with you in the Viking/Frem life. PM me!
Description below;

This is the "V" set from Solomon's store. (Hands and Head are hidden)
Necklace is Fury T.
Sword is the Fremennik Blade (in a keepsake box)
Shield is the Fremennik Round Shield (in a keepsake box)

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Tribal outfit (Loyalty store) combined with a Fremennik helmet looks decent. And if you're really dedicated you shouldn't train Runecrafting. -
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There is a barbarian outfit on solomons store.

Plus they have easily gotten clothes. Fremennik shirts, pants, etc.
Find them in the shops. Or kull dags.

If you plan in being a warrior, you can also kill guards for the sword, shield, and helm.

24-Jan-2018 18:15:55

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Go to Relleka, Neitiznot, Jatizso, Mountain Camp, Miscellania, Etceteria, Barbarian Assault, Gunnarsgrunn, or the surface of Daemonheim, and dress like them.

As for what to focus on, it really depends on which faction you want to be from.

Relleka's largely concerned with Dagganoth and potential threats from the mainland. They are somewhat tolerant of magic if you are roleplaying it as after V's return.

Neitiznot and Jatizso are primarily concerned with events on their own islands, but will heed the call if something threatens the rest of the Fremennik.

Miscellania and Etceteria are in a similar situation to Neitiznot and Jatizso (concerned with their own islands first and then the safety of the other Fremennik), but also have to deal with a reagent who may or may not be the most reliable person (they certainly don't seem to be there any time you are) and the loss of their prince and princess.

The people in the Mountain Camp seek to depend on their bodies and minds over any sort of tool or armor (so keep dress to a minimum). They believe rune essence to be sacred, and used to value being a migratory people (moving about the Fremennik Province). Nowadays, they've settled down in the area we find them in now. So if you want to be one of them, consider if you agree with the decision to settle down, or favor the old ways of migrating.

If you are from the Barbarian Assault area, you are probably concerned with the invasion of Penance creatures and may be journeying to recruit adventurers to face the menace.

Fremennik from Daemonheim are similar to those from Barbarian Assault, but concerned with containing Daemonheim's corruption and exploring its depths (or sending adventurers down to do so for you).

29-Jan-2018 03:26:39

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Then there are those from Gunnarsgrunn. You may hold the idea that magic is an abomination to be destroyed (holding to the old ideals that led to the settlement), or you might just be a poorly educated person who likes to wear leather, exercise, drink beer, and laugh at inexperienced adventurers as they delve into the Stronghold of Security of Stronghold of Player Safety (it's only just to the north). Maybe you might take the time to slaughter the puny monsters in the dungeons if the whim should take you on a given day.

29-Jan-2018 03:28:52

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