Fate of the Gods 2

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Ancient Drew said:
Kemtros said:
I feel that a Dragonkin has to show up in this quest. I was fine with Kindred Spirits not requiring Dishonour Among Thieves, but DAT has to be required for this quest. Zamorak touched the Stone of Jas, reaffirming himself as a False User. That has got to put him higher up on the Dragonkin's hit list.
Which reminds me...why the hell would he hide out on Floor 61 if that's where Kerapac is? He's got Strisath locked up in a cage, what if he escapes one day and jumps Zamorak?

I don't think one or even couple of dragonkin could stand a change against a tier 4 god. They are not that strong.
, I gain strength.

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