Is Loarnab the Dark Imperator?

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Yeah it was confirmed and elaborated upon in a post quest q&a

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Why is Zaros replaced with Loarnab?

Mod Jack: Itís obvious when you think it through.

Because the player never did Meeting History, Jack never became a druid. Instead he became a wicked sorcerer-druid who terrorised the early Gielinorian humans. Guthix had to personally intervene to deal with him, and ended up killing him. Although she understood the necessity of his actions, this alienated Seren to the extent that she withdrew entirely to Tarddiad.

Serenís proximity to the sleeping Elder Gods is what initially drew Zarosís attention to Gielinor. Without her, he never became aware of the little planet and is still off somewhere exploring the middle worlds. Having never founded the empire or been betrayed by his own younger siblings, he will be a very different figure.

Without Zarosís arrival, Loarnab was never slain. This hydra god gradually grew more and more powerful and more and more intelligent as his empire expanded out from Senntisten to gradually overtake the territory of the other gods. As the Dark Imperator, Loarnab ruled his empire with an iron paw, devouring its citizens at his whim. Eventually he even learned to summon demons from Infernus.

Eventually the Loarnabian empire pushed against Menaphos, which prompted Icthlarin to bring a powerful group of Freneskaen sorcerers to Gielinor. These Mahjarrat eventually betrayed the Menaphites and sided with Loarnab once they witnessed his untamed majesty. However, over time some of their number grew weary of the soft living in the empire. Their leader, Zamorak, eventually slew the Dark Imperator and ascended to godhood.
The rest, as they say, is history.
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