Hidden Xau-Tak hints

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Raleirosen said:
QueenMeliora said:
You said Xau-Tak is basically C thulhu in your other topic, Sepulchre?

Lovecraft-inspired, yes; not a C*hulhu expy.
Not *just* Lovecraft. I mean, sea-related, awaken beneath the ocean(presumably, based on original book), and driving people insane? Sounds a biiiiiitttt like C(*)hulhu. Not a bad thing though, would love to see the MMO take on him.

If we're going to find references to him, it would have to be from people who are likely references to anything Lovecraftian related. The karamthulhu is obvious being sea-related. Perhaps there are NPC's named after ones from the mytho* that require a specific set of circumstances to get dialogue from. I always interpreted the Nexus as his roots taking place on Gielinor, perhaps something in the swamp caves and in the activity? Then again, the fact that the spirit of a cave goblin was possessed in the afterlife suggests that a reference could be ANYWHERE.
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