How many times have u hopped?

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A Mighty

A Mighty

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Saradominist 2007-early 2008. Because who doesn't start as Saradominist?

Guthixian 2008-2010. At this time, I thought there were only 3 gods, and I liked the balance between "good" and "evil".

Bandosian 2010-2011. I finally got membership during this time, and bought a Granite Mace at the GE. It's examine text was "The preferred weapon of Bandos". So I became Bandosian. Shows you how much I cared about the lore, right?

Zarosian 2011-TWW. I began to get more into the lore, and I became fascinated by this mysterious Zaros character.

Zamorakian TWW-God Emissaries. After Guthix died, factions became a bit more pronounced. There was intense speculation of what factions might represent what ideals. Zamorak was thought to represent freedom from tyranny and opression, so I gravitated towards that. I still have some Zamorakian sympathies, having been in the AZA and all that.

Armadylean Emissaries-present. This is the faction I belong to. Armadyl may be the only god who isn't trying to force his ideals on literally everyone. (You want violence? go to some other plane. Armadyl most likely isn't going to pursue, as long as you're not on Gielinor or Abbinah)
To those cursed by war and pest, Come into the light of Armadyl and rest. This is the law of Armadyl.

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