Fate of the Bandosians

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I'm glad that they actually provided intelligible dialogue from the Bandosian perspective. I really wish they had done more with the philosophy while Bandos was still alive.

Roland Lyons said:
I mean each of the factions have perfectly valid, truthful reasons to align with, even if, as quoted above, the original ideology itself is questionable, or if the figurehead themselves are completely twisted. It's just that some factions good aspects aren't as readily apparent as others, with the Bandosians being the poster child of it.[/quote
That's the beauty of it. Take us Saradominists for example, we have people ranging from friendly knights and wizards to psychopaths like Sigmund.

Zamorak has decent people like Daquarius to monsters like Jerrod.

It's all perspective.

In Jerrod's defense, he was blooded. Then again, so were the other mature werewolves from Canifis and most aren't quite as sadistic as him.
The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

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