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Hi guys,

So there will be a few of us discussing your most pressing lore questions this Thursday (subject to change) evening on the RuneScape livestream. Myself, Mod Stu and Mod Jack will be there and some other notable lore mods are checking their schedules as we speak.

But, we need you!

More specifically we need your lore questions.

To make our lives easier, please ask only ONE question per post and try to avoid multipart questions (we will know when you're asking 15 questions under 1 header).

Obviously we won't answer every question posted (i.e "when will we see X" or "how will the plotline of the rest of he game play out" etc), but we'll try and answer the most interesting questions we find.

So, please ask away. We'll be gathering the questions from this thread and from Reddit, so please ask away.

= Raven =

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In Issue 24 of the God letters, Guthix spoke about a city beneath the waves, that hath been submerged for many centuries.

He also mentions that there are those that are working to re-establish access between this place and the outside world.

Will we ever find this lost ancient underwater city or has it been forgotten over these past centuries?

11-Dec-2017 13:29:16

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Are we going to see the World Guardian (and well, Gielinor) step up to help people rebuild their societies?
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11-Dec-2017 13:37:58

Hot Sola Aoi
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Is Sliske a god, demi-god, wannabe god or just a pawn of Jas? He killed Guthix (SPOILER) yet he claimed not to be a god, which defies our understanding of gods in RS.

Is any of the gods/goddesses currently in love with a mortal? We know there were a few of these relationships before but what about now?

Should we take what happened in Evil Dave's Big Day Out to be canon or not? Evil Dave, in our characters' body, became an "elite white knight" AGAIN, started Saradomin's hunt for Zamorak and led Zamorak's ambush of Saradomin. How would the White Knights' view of "the World Guardian" changed? Will we need to explain (a lot) to the White Knights?

Any explanation for Saradomin and being a T3 god while Zamorak and Armadyl are a tier lower (T4)? Bandos has similar power, if not weaker, to Zammy and Arma yet he's a tier higher.

How is Daemonheim related to Dragonkin? We can see Dragonkin stuff all over the place (and even a Dragonkin underground) but it was never clearly stated the relationship.

11-Dec-2017 13:41:58

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Will we see any future in-game content that focuses on or at least touches on the existence/structure of the Planar Gallery? (the Sixth Age emergence of astromancers seems like a great springboard for such content imo)

11-Dec-2017 13:43:10

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Iron Seto

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There has always been one quest that never made sense to me lore wise on why it was a requirement for desert treasure and that was tourist trap. Each of the following requirements always made sense:

The Dig Site - Introduction to the Return of Zaros' storyline
Temple of Ikov - First quest to feature the Mahjarrat
Priest in Peril - Blood Diamond Area
Troll Stronghold - Ice Diamond Area
Waterfall Quest - Shadow Diamond Area(ish)

What does Tourist Trap have lore wise to desert treasure and the Zaros's questline anyways?

11-Dec-2017 13:43:46

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What's the deal with the godless and their inactivity, do they even know the player is the World Guardian?

Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A!
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