The Gods Agendas

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This thread is just to clarify and understand the motives, plans and agendas of the gods. With the conclusion of Sliske's Endgame what is next for them?

we know is currently out to prove he deserves to be an elder god and figuring out/trying to create life from nothing. What extent he will go to to reach this goal does concern me. What about the illujanka or dragonkin?

we are not completely sure what her next step or plan is, only that we have her support in the times of judgment to come by the elder gods. She has mentioned wanting to help the elves on Tarddiad, but I do not believe she has a current agenda.

we're not sure of what he is up to now. What is his next plan of action? Unsure of his current agenda. Dragonkin? New Domina?

is all about helping others and is currently trying to bring the Aviansie to Gielinor or Tarddiad along with helping the shape shifters currently present there with Seren. I do not believe he is after his staff or has a set agenda politically.

there is really no predicting him either, with the Mahjarrat no longer needing rituals whats his next move? He has a huge grudge with Seren will he act?

Discuss what you think is next for the gods post SE. Feel free to include any other gods you are interested or concerned with.

Will we ever see

What are the motives believed to be behind the
Queen of Ashes

Bonus: Will the
ever do anything or be of any real relevance?

Theorize away.
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