The Gods Agendas

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Saradomin is prob just working on governing and unifying the human kingdoms, consolidating his power in said realms, etc. Bringing more and more icyene over, keeping a closer eye on his daughter, and so on. As far as he's concerned, he's already won the "Second God Wars" and Gielinor is his, so he might as well get to work on setting up order.

Armadyl is probably working on bringing the aviansie to Tarddiad.

Zaros is definitely working on the whole life ordeal, as well as figuring out how to go about speaking with the elders and convincing them. He still has the goal of becoming an elder, after all.

Seren wants to protect her elves, and to stop Zaros at every turn in his path.

Zamorak... Not sure.
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