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Spoiler Alert, I suppose. This posts mentions some of what's written in the Miner's Journals and The diary of Jebediah Omnis, the lore drops of Ripper Demons.


I recently received the last drops required for the "Don't Fear the Ripper" achievement, and decided to read them in order to get the full picture.

As I read the last journal (#5), I could have sworn I've seen the Xau-Tak line in the journal. i.e:

There is a terrible darkness where my memories once were.
Do you really think you can save them, 1st Paragon? You can't. ###. And this is Xau-Tak.

Who am I?

I wrote ### because I don't remember what it said, and I used a different color not only to highlight the line, but because it was in a different color in the journal as well.
At the time it didn't seem out of place - Basically every reference to Xau-Tak is cryptic, and the nature of the ripper demons as described in the journals seemed fitting. So I moved on the diary of Jebediah Omnis, figuring I could always go back to ivestigate, and read that he was completely Zarosian, even if somewhat delusional. (Yes , I'm aware that he was said to mention the Empty Lord in the journals, but it wasn't clear in which regard).

The really mysterious thing though, is that when I went back to the 5th journal, the Xau-Tak line was no longer there.

So I guess this boils down to 2 subjects:
A) Are Ripper demons a manifestation of Xau-Tak? They certainly seem more Xau-Taky-esque than Zarosian. Not sure what this means in the grand scheme of things - saradominists interacting with / fighting off Xau-Tak that is.
B) Am I just going insane? I could be affected by the current event, but I wasn't even around it, or interacted with it in the last couple of days. Am I the only one who saw this?

Help me.
If you think you can.
(please do)

28-Oct-2018 18:22:36

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I see two possibilities here.

1. Jagex intentionally puts Xau-tak references in various lore books before removing them just to mess with us.

2. Your memories are playing tricks on you and your mind mixes up two seperate memories/pieces of information and acccidentally combines the two. This happens more often to people than they care to admit, and is perfectly normal.

For example, many people remember the monopoly guy to have a monocle, when in reality he doesn't. It's just the association between rich guys, top hats and monocles that makes our mind create these false memories.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, it could have. But if it didn't, you're not going insane. So don't worry.
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28-Oct-2018 19:53:39

A Mad Hatter
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I just reread the journal to see if this was a thing. So far nothing's popping up and it just literally says '[The rest of the journal has been torn to ribbons and is stained a disturbing shade of red]' after the who am I line.

That doesn't mean it doesn't exist though. I suppose something might act as a trigger for it, but idk what it would be if that's the case (if it helps, I still have to finish Pieces of Hate since I've been putting it off for the longest time ever).

Buttt...even if it does exist, I don't see what Xau-Tak would have to do with them. So far that thing's seeming to be focused around undeath and mutating existing things by its own influence/power rather than having an outside symbiotic/parasite sort of thing bonding to someone to change them that way.
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