An ill omen.

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*Spoilers from 'Tales of the Arc' and 'Kindred Spirits' ahead!*

So I've recently finished all miniquest of the Arc Region, and my mind keeps going back to one particular moment in 'Tuai Leit's own'.

The moment I speak of is shortly after you give Yulong (the spiritual guy in the Aminishi Spirit realm) the 30 positive energies. After he transfered these energies into the body of my game character, my screen started flashing white and a high-pitched scream is heard. When this stopped I saw what appears to be a ghost or a soul flashing inside your character for several seconds.

After this, your character asks Yulong what happened. Yulong then says something along the lines of 'An ill omen. Just stay positive and it shall not befall you.'

Now, I wonder if there have been other people who experienced this, because I have seen no mention of it anywhere on the forum or the unofficial Runescape wiki.

As for what it could mean, no answers are given anywhere in the later miniquests, so my theory would be it is related to the events of Kindred Spirits, where Sliske harvested a part of your soul / World guardian essence. And somehow the positive energy transfer triggers a strange reaction to your damaged soul.

I would like to know what you guys think, and if there are other people who experienced this.
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I'm assuming it's because in the player's attempt to find a spiritual cure, we temporarily imbalance our own soul so that we can carry the cure to its intended recipient. Think about it, the assumption was that excess negative energy was turning Ekahi into a zyclopse, just think about what kind of horrible transformative effects the excess positive energy would have had on us if we let it overwhelm us.

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