Ritual of the mahjarrat

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They weren't when I did the quest back in March.

Which was odd. I was fully expecting them to be, I think there'd been a patch note about how their appearances in previous quests had been updated? And I did Enakhra's Lament not long before, and that had Enakhra and Akthanakos' updated graphics.

But nope. In March, at the very least, all the Mahjarrat (except Zemouregal) still decidedly had their 2011 graphics. Can't speak for anything since, but I haven't seen any patch notes about it since either.
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Mahjarrat still use outdated graphics in the following content:

Fight Arena
Hazeel Cult
Desert Treasure
The General's Shadow
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Nomad's Elegy
Kindred Spirits
Easter Trick or Treat emote

In addition, they are mostly updated in the following content, but have a few exceptions:

Enakhra's Lament (Camel form Akthanakos)
Dominion Tower (Khazard & Lucien fight, Fight Arena small Khazard uses wrong model)
The World Wakes (Cutscenes)
Dishonour among Thieves (Cutscenes, General Khazard fighting his apparition, Enakhra/Khazard/Hazeel apparitions use incorrect graphics)
Fate of the Gods (Zaros appearing as Sliske)

There's also the statue of General Khazard at Ghorrock, which still uses the 2008/2009 era Mahjarrat graphics.
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Ritual of the mahjarrat ... The code E H A C is not reachable, and I cannot continue the quest. I'm at the island, and have been all over the area(s) I need to get to this spot. whom ever may be in charge of this particular part of the game. Quazie

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