Diamonds of Azzanadra: Lore?

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Dr Acefoe

Dr Acefoe

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I was wondering, what lore surrounded the diamonds of Azzanadra, any thing you know about the lore would help me tremendously.

I am working on a Runescape Project and knowing information about the DOA will help.

Anything surrounding desert treasure's lore as well.
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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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A recent lorebook from Nex: Angel of Death revealed what Zaros created elemental stones of those elements. (though I I believe the ones mentioned in the lorebook are a seperate thing than the Diamonds, as
Zaros is gifting said stones to Nex, the Diamonds are still in the Pyramid.)

It may be possible that the Diamonds of Azzanadra are parts of the original stones, or copies of them. But that's just speculation on my end.

'I created the stones as a pure focus for the dark elements to aid in my work creating the nihil, but I no longer need them for that purpose and I now have access to more sophisticated tools. For you, especially because of your heritage, they should prove extremely useful. The strength you can draw from them will empower you for your tasks to come.

'Each of the stones was formed from the essence of a powerful inhabitant of the lower worlds. I created the stone of smoke from the remains of an especially large smoke demon from Infernus. Smoke demons are amongst the most inscrutable of demons, close in nature and in location to the heart of their world, and a powerful embodiment of that element.

'I created the stone of shadow from the essence of one thousand and one shadow cacklers from the shadow realm. Though individually weak, they are powerful in large concentration, but far less risky than hunting down one of the true leviathans that lurk in the deep places of that realm.

'The stone of blood was once the bloody matriarch of Vampyrium. This trueborn vampyre was the mother of my once-servant Drakan, and during my time on Gielinor had fallen from my loyal service and grown corpulent in the manner of ancient Hostilius.

'Finally I created the stone of ice from an arch-glacor on the frozen world of Leng. These creatures, that tower ten or a hundred times taller than their smaller kin, dominate the landscape of that brutal and inhospitable wasteland.
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If I remember correctly. The diamonds are actually Azzandra's power/essence (Mahjarrat consist of the same ancient elements used to create the 'lower worlds') manifested into stones.

During the God Wars Azzanadra was a very powerful being who fought for Zaros' ideals. (one of the remaining few, as most Zarosians either died, deserted or switched allegiance to survive) and was the most powerful Mahjarrat at the time. Because no one could fight him head on. A group of four Saradominists and Zamorakians chose to work together to take him down. One way or another, they tricked him, took his powers away and locked him in the Jaldraocht Pyramid with the diamonds, then each departed with one diamond in their possesion. These four Zamorakians and Saradominsts are the four bosses from Desert Treasure (except Malak, who apparently gave you the diamond for defeating Dessous), who imbued themselves with the diamonds' powers. The bandits from the bandit camp are what's left of the people who fought alongside Azzanadra. That's why they attack those with symbols of other gods and want Azzanadra freed.
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Chaos Lupus said:
It was also confirmed in the recent Q&A that Malak wasn't the original guardian of the blood diamond.

Huh, that's how I interpreted Return to Canifis saying he fought in the God Wars.
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