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Colenias said:
Pizzahatt1 said:

If Sarah recorded our name, this might be the reason why there are references to us from before we were born. Either that or Xau-Tak is omniscient.

OR in a future quest we use the enchanted key to go back in time to kill Xau-tak, hence why we have not seen it in game but only heard of it, and why Xau-tak would know of us in the past.

Also, I'd like to add that all the mahjarrat seem obsessed with following a god, mainly Zaros or Zamorak. Given how other Zarosians thought Sliske worked mostly independenty pre-Fot*, and now he seems to be totally independent in post-Fotg (I guess he has a new master though), perhaps Sliske treats us as a deity to obsess over?

I don't think it's so much a fawn-over-the-godlike-mortal as it simply is that he knows we're a major player in the world and it just excites him greatly to play us like a fiddle. This, of course, being before the events of TWW, where we still may have been a player on the world's stage - we just lacked the special snowflake status at the time.

Judging by his Ramblings, the fact we were given power by Guthix seems like a variable he wasn't exactly expecting (mentioning how we are an "agent of upheaval" that he "would never have dreamed of"). I have to imagine that when this went down, his already-piqued interest in us was cranked-up to eleven, since it just gives us something else with which he wants to play.
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