Zamorak and Bandos

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Why have we never seen a strong relationship between Bandos and Zamorak? Their beliefs are so similar. They want to bring destruction and annihilation. They both have that the strongest should survive mentality (darwinism).

Zamorak was even willing to once offer an alliance with Bandos in the SoJ cutscene in Dishonour Among Thieves. However, Bandos turned him down, but why so? Instead he chose to stay in alliance with Saradomin and Armadyl, who stand for everything against him. This makes no sense. I understand that Bandos sided with the two gods to get the Stone, but it would have been much for effective to side with Zamorak. Even if the trio did manage to defeat Zamorak before he blew up Forinthry, Bandos would still have to compete against the two peace gods. Again, it would have been much better if Bandos sided with Zamorak.
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Bandos doesn't care about idealology. They are just words to him. Saradomin and Armadyl can preach peace all they want, but ever since they came to Gielinor, they have brought nothing but war. This is what Bandos cares about. They created endless war for him, fighting for something they would never achieve. They were beneficial to him and he had no reason to turn on either unless it prolonged the war or offered him power (Sliske's game). Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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Bandos was nothing more than a schoolyard bully, who instigated war. that being said, the only reason his death was tragic was because he was killed off in temporary content. neither zamorak or bandos are required for a peaceful world.

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A few things to consider:

1. Part of the reason the God Wars lasted as long as they did was due to Bandos repeatedly switching sides. At some points, he'd fight against Zamorak with Saradomin and Armadyl, while siding with Zamorak against them at others. There's no strong bond because Bandos' prime concern was to wage as much war as possible.

2. Bandos was t3 during the God Wars, making him the strongest god in terms of power to actively participate in the Wars (Zaros had fled to Freneskae, Guthix was asleep, and Seren was staying out of the Wars). As such, Bandos likely wasn't all that concerned with potentially having to fight yet another war with Armadyl and Saradomin over the stone.

3. For a large chunk of the God Wars, Saradomin had the stone. This would mean that, having fought against the two at varying points throughout the Wars, he had likely already faced off against the combined forces of their armies while the Stone was under Saradomin's control. In all likelihood, Bandos probably thought he could either forcefully claim the stone then and there and wage perpetual war against Saradomin and Armadyl over it, or that his forces could still take on the two's combined forces even with the Stone in their possession.

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Another thing to consider: Zamorak was defeated and practically begging him to help, a huge sign of weakness in Bandos's eyes.

But yes, I do think it is strange that they didn't ally before them. I guess it would damn Zamorak's image even more if they had him work with one of the few gods who can actually be considered truly evil.
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Their beliefs are only similar on a basic level. Bandos wants a world of eternal war, nothing more and nothing less. He believes proving yourself in battle is the only means to achieve glory, and if you fail to do so you are weak and useless. He doesn't pretend to hide the harshness of his reality, stating in his own words that his followers understand this cruel truth and are merely weapons until they prove they are soldiers. Bandos' followers are seen as property more than people.

Zamorak fights battles for a purpose, with a goal in mind - whereas Bandos seeks to fight for amusement and entertainment. Zamorak's ideals center around self-improvement and individual growth - with far more applications than warfare. Zamorak doesn't seem to think of his followers as expendable property, and even he considers Bandos a brute.

Bandos wouldn't put any stock in Zamorak's ideology. His views on the other Gods are that they hide their true motives behind their so-called philosophies, and they only seek power and glory just as he does. He would consider Zamorakianism nothing more than a facade. By his own words he considered Zamorak's ideas little more than "empty promises and idle chatter". Ultimately, he wouldn't care if his own ideals could be compatible with anyone else's purely because he doesn't believe in these other philosophies in the first place.

It's worth noting that Bandos explicitly stated to Zamorak that in another time, he would have allowed Zamorak to fight for him. If there ever is an alliance with Bandos, he doesn't seem like the type to recognize anyone as an equal. Likewise, Zamorak doesn't seem like the type to accept being another's subordinate. The two wouldn't be able to co-exist for any extended period, given their headstrong natures.

Fundamentally, they aren't very compatible.
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It seems the question has been answered. Let me throw my view in though. Bandos was, at the end of the day, a warmonger. There was no deeper meaning to his dogma, if you can call it that. He even said it himself, he wanted endless war.
Zamorak is only vilified to be as such because of the overzealous Saradominists who tell the history that way. In truth, Zamorak only wants to use "chaos" (or more accurately, the competitive spirit of most all living beings), to forge the best, most capable leaders. Those who lose out, well, they lose out.
Any alliance between the two would've been broken the second Bandos sensed an end to the war.
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