Draynor Manor Over Elder Halls

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I believe that the elder halls of Gielinor are underneath........Draynor Manor! I can prove this by one obivous way, midpointing the Kra chambers.
Kras are statues, mouthpieces made by the elder gods over their respective egg, to talk to the Tokhaar for instructions without use of the Elder Horn. The Kra are located precisely over the egg chambers in the elder halls, so all we need to do is find their middle, presumably, the middle of the known world.

Jas in Ullek, so north west for him
Ful in Karamja, so North East
Wen between W.Wolf and Ice Mt. so South east slightly.
Bik is meant to be entrana, so north east
and finally, the blank Kra in Lummy,so north west
The midpoint between these spots is of course draynor manor, maybe this is why death's office is there, maybe the underworld is just the anima pool in the elder halls, where mortals are thinking that they are in the afterlife but will be consumed, this explains the Fremmeniks' belief that the DEAD FIGHT IN THE END OF THE WORLD! THEY ARE DEAD, but they are only dreaming that they are in valhalla.
There is my theory.


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The eggs and the existing elder gods are separate entities. The eggs are in the elder halls, the Kra are at the existing elder gods(the mountains). "There is no Good or Evil, no Light or Dark, Order or Chaos. Just knowledge and your own ability to know when to stop. And if you knew when to stop, you'd never achieve the impossible."

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Tlamovec said:
Who would care where are elder halls, if they are in the center of planet, they are beneath any place on the surface at the same.
But clearly there is an "entrance" to the halls in a distinct location on the surface, or Zaros wouldn't be trying to find it

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Actually, if you recall from the Halls on Freneskae, each of the 5 eggs we found were a different distance from the center, where the Elder Wisps are. If I recall this correctly, Jas was the furthest, then Wen, then Ful, then Bik. If you take the concept of this the full way back to Gielinor, the Elder Halls would actually meet somewhere around the Wizard's tower. A
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So after having played RS Idle Adventures, we all know that the character is an anima construct.

Where do we start the game?


My character even says, "The anima flows strong here."
Boom. Proof,

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