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A epilo in Drakker...

The experiment of Zaros, the empty one had taken human dna and implanted it into a dragonkin egg, the last batch, only 7 survived, i am one of them. We have no curse, we are generals in Zaros' army, or he calls us, Legatus', I personally lead his 91st legione of Dragon Riders to victory, we are the empty fist, as we have come to be known as,

I am the fist of Zaros, i am his vanguard, his rider, and my legione are loyal to the word.

I often ponder, what if i was human, where would i be? Would i be one of Sliske's 'actors', or perhaps another experiment of zaros, but gone wrong?

Then...It happened.

I was on guard duty around Zaros' divine palace, i circled on my fire drake, Arlio, and then i saw a figure, wreathed in red with wings jutting out...Zamorak.

I went to stop him from entering but he threw a great ball of magma and flame at Arlio and we fell from the sky, i lived, as a gift of my Dragonkin descent, but Arlio was just ash by the end...

After a few minutes of paralysis, i stood and felt a surge of fear, pain, anguish...He had been killed...Zaros had been killed.

Ever since that night i saw myself as banished and forgotten, so i decided i would act as a mercenary under a drake-like humanish disguise that i had learnt, i earned much in money and in combat, more so than i had, i also learned about the other gods, their followers, their weaknesses, then came the 6th age, i had been chosen by Guthix himself to fight for gielinor with his guardians, to free the world from war, so i opted to re-join the Zarosian Legions, mainly because Zaros was sure to return....

Azzanadra and i had contact after i had freed him, but when he told me to restore Zaros, i donned my ceremonial armour of the Drakewings and i flew into the world gate to find him

Now, i wonder what would happen if i had been born a dragonkin as they have returned as well....Would i be a dactyl? To break Jas' curse?

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The Defender Of Law

"One time, in a world not of our own, Abbinah, a ave child was born...He was given the name, Vorask, but something was different..."
I am ready to start the trial. "You must not be so sure young Vorask, not many survive." I am ready, Archon. The young Aviansie walks to the edge of his village and swoops down to collect his water for his trials. After Vorask has come back up, he has so much water that it was able to be given to all the villages nearby and still have a full well leftover. "Vorask! Armadyl himself would be proud of you!" Thank you Archon, though i doubt i-- A cry of thousands of birds are heard and the Avian god Armadyl himself appears, glances at the well and whispers to Vorask to announce that Vorask would be trained as a skyguard, one of the most elite positions an Aviansie could play their role as.
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"Vorask. You have done our people favor that we may never forget, you showed incredible flying in your trial, this leads me to extend an invitation to be personal All Terrain Recon Guard, the ATRG or the Skyguard." Armadyl had praised the young aviansie so much that Vorask fainted!

More will come.

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The World Guardian stands dormant outside of the Elder Halls, watching protectively as Saradomin and Zamorak arrive, bound by an agreement of old, to find and kill Zaros, the world guardian says,

"You stand at a place beyond your understanding and power. Leave."

Saradomin glares at him, and says,
"Move, World Guardian, i will find Zaros, this area will make a good area for me to gain power, the elder gods are young, mine to take from."

"You have gone mad! They will obliterate you! Guthix was right.."

Next post for part 2.

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Saradomin now shouts,

To which the WG replies,
"By the Balance of Guthix, the Will of Zaros, and the Love of Seren, I Banish you to Freneskae, there you will see the might of a STILLBORN Elder God, if you think you can kill her...BOTH OF YOU."

(Saradomin and Zamorak)

Meanwhile on Freneskae, the two gods are obliterated by the mere thought of Mah, that they were invaders.
So ends Self-Righteousness and Greed.

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Lego Miester said:

Spoilers obviously, but there's enough fuel in this quest to keep this thread going for months. Just off the top of my head:

-Armadyl seems to have confirmed that the artifact he used to ascend is a superweapon, and that he is responsible for the state of his homeworld. I've wrote on that before, but I kind of want to do it again.

-we get more pieces of Teragard, that is some ripe territory.

-[You get the impression that Saradomin may be hiding something.]

-Saradomin has a daughter?

-alternate endings

Well we know all 12 now. I wonder what could do THAT to Abbinah...The Hammer maybe? Seems like it could smash open a planet's core. The Codex probably is an Information source Pre-Stone of Jas. The Needle to sew together anima? And the template probably saves versions of worlds from the old revisions and grants a "template" for the new elders to use.

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