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Zu Zu said:

So the afterlife is a huge pool of anima?! I don't recall seeing any green slime in the description of any of the afterlives Icthlarin mentions and he has been to those afterlives personally too.... And the Underworld River Nuemelonon is just water...
It can get confusing, I know. Every living being has a soul and a body, two separate parts to a whole. When a person dies, their physical body is destroyed, not the soul.. when a body decomposes, the anima returns to the world.
The soul however, is the more potent source of anima, and continues to live despite the absence of a physical body. It is then that the Reaper must collect the souls from the body it's tethered to and bring it to Icthlarin, who must then shepherd the soul to whichever afterlife it's going to.
What Telos wants is to return us, body and soul to the world, so that we may feed the Elder Gods. Personally, I believe that either the Underworld/Afterlife was created by the souls of mortals as a place to go; or, the Elder Gods created it as a place for the souls of the mortals they knew would come to exist to store them all, either to eat for extra anima, or to save for later.
I believe it's possible that the anima mundi of "imperfect worlds" purposely create life as a way to expel whatever imperfections that world has, but expels imperfect, yet still consumable anima in the process. Then, as the body and soul live , the body becomes more perfected; however, the Elder Gods fail to realize this for some reason with the imperfect worlds.
The soul is still imperfect and is simply sent away to another life or the "afterlife" where it can be most comfortable (note the idea of souls going to different afterlives depending on their lifestyle, and souls being changed based on experience, memories etc.) and become a more pure source of anima.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong, but that's the best theory I've been able to come up with.
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