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Every being is a creature of Anima - Elders were actually humane when they prevented evolution of sentient life so they don't have to kill it later. Yet they forgot that their artificial food Anima is a sentient being on its own and as such it always evolves when unchecked in form of sentient organisms. So they want to supress sentience on their worlds but also soak them in most (accidentally sentient) Anima as possible - 2 contradictional goals. They solved it by suppression of organic evolution but mistakes happen...

As for soul, I think all theories can be right - Underworld has (or is) a pool of anima where souls melt like tokhaar (difference is that only souls, not also bodies like them), but souls lives in it in the form of it's chosen world that it belived in life. I'd compare it to a computer - we can see only wires, diodes, chips and other material when we see it from ''outside material level'', so in Underworld we would see only pool of anima from ''our outside world''. But for someone actually using the computer there is whole world, programs, music, pictures, is the real Underworld for a soul inside it so it sees it as it's own living fantasy world.

And Rune altars seems to me like a filters of natural Anima leaks, runestones being stored different forms/color wawe frequencies of anima to be used, if someone's soul is enough connected and synchronised to the flow/breath of Anima, he can channel it through it (both being made of same thing) without need of such external storage, like moonclan.

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