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Maiden China said:
meaning that Amascut is actually being decent by devouring the souls of the dead... and Icthlarin's the bad guy, whether intentionally or not

your mum would probably object to you being returned and she's probably a lot scarier than telos is

anyway, living beings generate anima, which is used to feed the elder gods, who are also the source of anima-producing things (although not intentionally sentient ones) so he's not saying 'you gon die', he's just saying 'you're not overly important, being food for the elder gods is your only purpose'
If I understand Telos, that is

Telos. The future is friendly.

I don't think living beings generate anima by current understandings (some people like Zaros have suggested a belief that living things may be beneficial to the cycle of anima in some way, but he offered no evidence) Rather, living beings are a waste of anima according to the Elder Gods. This is why they occasionally destroy the entire universe then recreate it, and cursed one of the only known types of beings (dragonkin) to have survived the process. So Telos is saying "You are anima, and you will return to the pool of anima so the elder gods can eat you because you are a waste of food source".

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