Guthix and afterlife

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I have always been a strong follower of guthix so obviously I wasent too happy about the world wakes :(. The last thing he said to us before he died was that he would be with his daughter again. However I do remember death explaining that gods give up there right to an afterlife.

My theory is this... death of course is a gaurdian of it possible that death somehow gave guthix the ability to have an afterlife. And also how would guthix of known this during wakes.
P.S. plz don't spoil anything after fate of the gods have only done up to there am getting reqs for others.

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Neither Death nor Icthlarin can give a god an afterlife. It is not in their power. Once a mortal transcends to a god, their organs and soul becomes vaporized, turned into divine energy. When a god dies, their body hardens and becomes stone, like Bandos's and Guthix's. The divine energy inside them gets unleashed when they die. It is the very same energy we use for Divination. The divine energy you get from Divination is fractured smithereens of Guthix. Some gods can escape their bodies before death though. You will learn more about the innards of a god and gods escaping their bodies in Fate of the Gods.

Death really has no power or say in any of this. The only unique power Death is the ability to separate a soul from its body. When a non-god dies, their soul lingers around their body, as you have seen in "Missing, Presumed Death" quest. It is Death's eternal job to reap (or unglue) their soul from their body. From there, he delivers the soul to his friend Icthlarin, God of the Dead. Icthlarin is the ferryman that delivers souls to the different afterlives. Death can't unglue all souls from a dead body though.

Some souls though have a strong yearning to stay in the mortal plane due to some reason. They become spirits or ghosts you see in-game. Others may have powerful magic preventing them from crossing over to the afterlife, such as the ghosts in Port Phastmatys or wights enslaved through necromancy.

So yeah... Guthix is dead dead. If you have level 90 divination and have accessed to Player-Owned Ports, you will learn some of Guthix's energy manifested into a memory construct of his daughter, Aagi, and she is a NPC adventurer in Ports.
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Guthix maybe thought he would be able to go into an after life. Death explain this to us that it isn't the case. Maybe Death never told Guthix because he never asked? There are so many thing that could have happened it is unknown. But Death cannot reap the souls of the gods, and Icthlarin cannot make an after life for Guthix, because only Gielinor itself is what creates it. But the Gods give that up, their soul becomes energy once they die.

As much as we wish to see some sort of happy ending, the only way I can see it is that he went to sleep during the final moment of his death and dreamed of being with his daughter, would this consciously be possible? Maybe, but that's how I see it.
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Becoming a god sure comes with a whole lot of responsabilities. The very thought of dying doesn't seem to cross every transcended mind, I guess Guthix for that matter had much more important things to do, like sleeping in his cave while protecting the world with his barrier.

Sadly, his daughter won't see anyone coming for her, ever again, and no one will tell her how her father slayed the god who crushed her skull. Hopefully Death's got some connections with dudes like him from other worlds like Aagi's, though that chance is slim, I'm afraid. So, in short, Guthix didn't have a soul, though being the melancholiac that he was doesn't mean he wasn't a good person of course.

I do wonder, if gods are able to go down in tiers, can they eventually become so weak and lose so much energy that they become mortals once more, or, when all life is sucked out of them, will they die without a soul in either case?
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