Daggonaths and Xau'Tak?

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Yandere Kami
Oct Member 2019

Yandere Kami

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Just curious, but has anything been said linking the two? Seeing as Xau'Tak has a very Lovecraftian feel, and the way Dagonnath are portrayed I feel like there should be a link between them

20-Feb-2019 03:22:22



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Are these abovetold two dag-beginning creatures same as the so said by fremenniks as daggermouths ? If so i'd hardly see link for so reptile alike they are, just like jellyfishes they are possibly swimming in same ocean but hardly related to shrimps are they? Actually yes, but the span of time between the link must be so long that one could softly determine such as matter that matters upon the ponder.

But i'd toss the krakens for more of a resemble for this xauhic creature that's name is in bottom of some ocean already. tudu~

20-Feb-2019 20:36:52



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Many humans animals could have mutated and/or been driven insane by residual influence seeping from n'zoth xautak but it does not mean that the elder god existential presence at the bottom of noosphere our world as we have it for have any plans or uses for them, they might have just been pointless side effect.

Speaking of, too bad that Enchanted key has been seemingly destroyed - or taken away by something to complete it's existence?

22-Feb-2019 10:49:26

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