World Guardian?

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Maiden China said:
Chaos DX1 said:
Yep, PizzaHatt was right. I can't start the quest yet. That's a pretty steep requirement for a quest so lore-critical, but I have plenty of Fifth-Age quests to do in the meantime so I should be good.
they purposely made it have almost no requirements... the 100 cb is mostly so you'll actually have a chance against the bosses

I dont see why they need that as a req though since you probably wont be killing them as a level 7 anyway

I mean uh... what bosses?
It's almost impossible to win at the required level, at least back when the EoC formula was in place. Level 145 vs. Kree' Arra was ****ing Level 3 man VS. Zamorak.

I recommend getting 75 in all combat skills, (melee at least), and banking a load of pots and rocktails. When was the last time you played anyways?

Oh yeah, the lore, um you're in for a treat, do Ritual of the Mahjarrat and you're set.
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