conga emote? is it wort any??

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so I randomly clicked on squares in tressure hunter, and lo and behold I got this "super rare old emote token"
that was worth 60mil according to the GE

I was really excited but then I could not sell it.
and then it started drastically dropping in price
and then I saw loads of other people getting as well.

so I think my excitement was for nothing.

anyone has any insight about this?

12-Nov-2018 02:05:02

Aug Member 2018


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hi there !

as of november 11, 2018 the prices of the conga token is ranging between 15m-10m

it's actually dropping alot and probably will continue because this is the second time it's being passed around in the t.h promotion where as in the first time around it was 400m or so.

of course, 10-15m is not set in stone and it could rise up again when the promotion is done and after a couple of months ---or years so if you don't want the token, i suggest you keep it as a investment.

either way, cheers ! ~ <3

12-Nov-2018 04:49:55

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