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Respect the Market for god sake
look your test on conga dropping it from 255m to 500k in 3 days
now nobody had confidance in trash TH items because but re releasing rare items and making them stupidly common you have destoyed the token market and if that is totally destroyed you will have the problem of higher tier weps not being available because there horded because theres no oppitinaty for a price rise because ppl are too scare to trust in an item

or atleast Update Genral store to pay ge med for items (taking them out of the game ) and not screwing ppl for 100s millions in an hour flat

10-Nov-2018 13:53:40

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Unfortunately, if you're holding onto the token to make money from it, that is your fault. .
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10-Nov-2018 21:15:24

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Its funny, how Jagex wanted to diversify the market of rares by introducing TH rares so that phats and other holiday rares don't monopolise the market, but then they do something like this and allow phats to gain more confidence from players as the only thing that won't become worthless overnight. °l||l° Modest Skillers T7 Citadel | Skilling clan recruiting players. °l||l°
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11-Nov-2018 04:23:16

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No. I doubt Jagex care about the in game "value" of cosmetics, whether players call them "rare" or not. They put these rares on TH just to give themselves real money value, and that likely is not even close to the value they get from xp items.

Games like Overwatch re-release their past loot boxes "rares" too. They said players asked for them to be re-released. Of course, it is only fair for new players to get a chance to get those items too.

11-Nov-2018 23:16:34

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