Cheated AGAIN!-why I don't buy

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Jul Member 2008


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I just earned a bunch of keys doing the daily challenges, got my keys...used them, got various lamps, stars, etc., BUT
they FAILED to provide the promised bonuses.

A star that supposedly gave more than 4k bonus xp completely failed to credit the xp in the chosen skill. I have screen shots proving I only have 2k bonus xp in that skill, meaning that I couldn't NOT have received 4k bonus xp, in spite of the dialogue claiming it was awarded. In point of fact, the 2k bonus xp was already there, meaning I got NO bonus xp.

In another skill, I was supposed to receive 22k bonus and 9k actual xp. The bonus xp was credited, the actual xp was unchanged (I didn't receive it).

In fact, NOT ONE of the five items from this TH promotion worked as promised. If you ever wonder why some people won't pay real money for this junk.... well, why should we???

11-Nov-2018 23:50:16

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